Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Helen Keller - Not Who She Seems

After reading a few of the articles in the Rethinking Schools book, I decided to write on the Helen Keller article, The Truth About Helen Keller.  I made this decision because what is explained in the article is different from what I had learned.  I knew that Helen Keller overcame being blind and deaf and learned to read and communicate.  It was kind of shocking to learn about her involvement in the NAACP and ACLU in addition to all the other things she was involved in according to Ruth Shagoury.  Helen Keller was more of an amazing woman than I thought.  I think she was a determined, hard-working person because she didn't use her disability as an excuse not to learn to read and communicate.  She attended college AND THEN became involved in many social justice issues.  This to me makes her a powerful woman and maybe that is why the books about her do not include that information.

As I write this I think about all the other historical people that I learned about in school.  I wonder how much of the information about them was not public knowledge at the time.  It also makes me think about how much authors, organizations, and news media can twist stories in favor of what they want others to believe is true.

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