Sunday, July 3, 2016

A working statement of my core beliefs on:

1) Learning:
  • Every person regardless of their age, intelligence, or physical ability is capable of learning in order to make progress towards another level.
  • Every person has an innate desire to learn especially when the learning involves something that is viewed as interesting , necessary, and/or motivating.
  • Learning happens in a safe, respectful, motivating, and appropriately challenging environment that is conducive to learning.
2) Teaching:
  • Teachers should be both teachers of informational knowledge as well as facilitators of how to use this knowledge in order to be successful in the world.
  • Teaching is about educating students and making connections with each student's family in order to support their learning.
  • Teaching must be a calling to educate, respect, care for,  and form relationships with children/students. 
3)  World:
  • The world is full of caring people who, when given the chance, will do what they can to help another person be happy and successful.
  • The world is an amazing place to challenge yourself to be happy and successful.
  • The world offers many opportunities for challenging, educating, and caring for ourselves and others.  We have to be open and willing to participate.
Final Project:
My final project involves creating a blog for my pre-k class using  I have never blogged before so I am entering uncharted territory.  My intention is to post information daily to the blog in order for families to be aware of what is happening in the class.  I will blog about what we talk about, what the children create and do, reminders about happenings in the classroom/school, and paperwork sent home.  The blog will also include helpful information for the families and links to other websites.
This blog aligns with my core beliefs about connecting with families in order to support the education of the children.

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